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Michigan Contact Lens


25211 Coolidge Hwy
Oak Park Michigan 48237
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(248) 545-2800

Michigan Contact Lens is an Oak Park, Michigan specialty contact lens practice. Dr. Shira Kresch is a specialist in contact lenses. She has been in practice for more than 8 years. She specializes in fitting contact lenses, sclerals, RGP lenses and myopia control. If you're looking for a contact lens specialist in the Metro Detroit area, call Michigan Contact Lens today.


About Oak Park

Oak Park is a city in Oakland County in the U.S. state of Michigan. An inner-ring suburb of Detroit, Oak Park borders Detroit to the north, roughly 14 miles (22.5 km) northwest of downtown Detroit. As of the 2020 census, the city had a population of 29,560. == History == This area was designated as within Royal Oak Township; it was first settled by European Americans in 1840, but remained sparsely populated for many decades following. The first major housing development was constructed in 1914 at the time of World War I, when the township sold land to the Majestic Land Company to be developed as the Oak Park subdivision.



Client Reviews

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Fred Krestik

Scleral lenses

I’m very pleased with my experience with Dr. Kresch and her staff! She’s very skilled at fitting scleral contact lenses, and I’m extremely happy with the quality of my vision using the new contact lenses she prescribed. Dr. Kresch is personable, doesn’t mind answering questions, and is an excellent patient advocate. Her assistant, Sheila, is also very pleasant and helpful, and does an excellent job with the preliminary vision testing and keeping things rolling smoothly.

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Michael Roche

scleral contact lens

Dr Kresch & Shelia took very good care of my scleral contact lens requirements. They are very professional, friendly, thorough and had me out of there in good time. I highly recommend them for your eye care.

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Abraham Chousair

scleral lens exam

Dr Kresch is a professional optometrist.She was able to spend extra time with me to resolve my issues with contact lens and select the best fit for my vision .She is precisely and accurately analyze the lens characteristics to make sure that the lens are the correct one’s for my vision

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Jessica Naiman

contact lens specialist

Dr. Kresch is the first optometrist in a long time to give me the correct prescription- it actually cleared my distance vision without blurring my near vision . She also fitted me for contact lenses and gave me several brands to sample before buying. She’s super friendly and professional, yet I was in and out quickly without wasting any time. Highly recommend!

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Naomi Radner

contact lens doctor

I highly recommend Michigan Contact Lens for anyone looking for quality glasses with transitions. The staff was friendly, knowledgeable, and made the process seamless. The practice is conveniently located near Detroit.

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Esther Frey

contact lens fitting

Dr. Kresch is a phenomenal optometrist. She was caring and extremely patient while fitting my daughter for contact lenses and gave her contacts that were perfect for her vision and comfort. We will definitely be visiting her again!

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